Dancer, Imagine...

  • Feeling confident on stage and your hard work being recognized by judges and peers.
  • Getting the solos you desire and making the team of your dreams.
  • Becoming the best version of yourself and the best dancer you can be.

In just 15 minutes a day, get closer to your goals with results you can see and feel.




A course for competitive dancers who want a proven system to improving their skills & increasing their competition scores.

Doors Close on March 28th! You won't see this course again until the Fall.

By the end of this program you will confidently know…

✔️ Which exercises you need to fix these skill struggles:

  • Leaning in your turns
  • Hopping and heel dropping
  • Dropping your arms
  • Low jump height
  • Uneven legs in jumps
  • Turned in legs
  • Low kicks
  • Tight hips and hamstrings
  • Bent knees
  • Sloppy motions
  • Timing issues
  • Sloppy Acro Tricks
  • Gripping in the quads
  • PLUS dozens of other common corrections

✔️Which exercises to do at at home and which to warm up with on competition days.

✔️How to activate major muscle needed to master your skills

✔️How to fix judges feedback with strength training instead of just running your dances again

✔️Which exercises are needed to increase scores in...

  • Execution of skills
  • Technique of skills
  • Movement Proficiency of:
  • Jazz
  • Kick
  • Hip hop
  • Drill team
  • Pom
  • Tap
  • Contemporary
  • Lyrical
  • Color guard
  • Difficulty
  • Timing
  • Showmanship and more!

✔️ The formula to improving your skill consistency - no matter the skill or your level!

✔️How to improve the technique of your competition style of dance

On Demand Workouts

✔️Maximize muscle engagement and awareness
to improve each skill and style of dance

✔️Simply pull up a hand crafted workout on your phone, computer or tablet!

✔️ Easy to follow along; with modifications giving you the confidence to know each exercise is being performed correctly and safely.

Judges Expertise

✔️Learn from expert judges as they share their insights to scoring higher in every category

✔️Learn what they're looking for when you take the floor and mistakes you can avoid

✔️They'll share what a successful routine looks like to them and how you can make a lasting impression.

Training Bonuses

✔️Training plans to download and print. Use at home or as a competition day warm up

✔️Train in less than 15 minutes a day using our proven formula judges feedback + muscle engagement + simple exercises = major results!

✔️1 Year of membership to

*new members only. Does not apply to existing members

I'm Already Competing.

How Fast Will I see Results?

Immediately: Muscle awareness and engagement

✔️Use the individual exercises in each module during your comp day warm ups or back stage. NO equipment needed

15 - 30 minutes: Improved flexibility and mobility

✔️ Guaranteed when you follow the workout in Chapter 1, Module 6 called "Get Your splits"

3-5 Days: Improved Skill Consistency

✔️ Once you know which exercises you need to stop leaning in your turns, start exploding off the floor and rotating your hips, your skills will be on a whole new level.

7- 16 Days: Increased Strength and Endurance

✔️ Follow along with the hand crafted workouts and keep increasing resistance in your training to see your athleticism transform!

Are you a coach who thinks this course would be perfect for your dancers or your team?

The Score Sheet Solution works GREAT for studio, high school, college and All Star Teams too!

(especially our chapters on synchronization and timing!)

If you need a purchase order, invoice or receipt for your school I can provide one!

Email [email protected]

🧠 This is for you if you want to know...

✔️ Which exercises you need to fix all your common skill struggles

✔️What type of exercises to do on your off days and which to do on comp day

✔️How to activate major muscle needed to master your skills

✔️How to fix judges feedback with strength training instead of just running your dances again

✔️Which exercises are needed to increase scores in...

  • Execution of skills
  • Technique of skills
  • Movement Proficiency of:
  • Jazz
  • Kick
  • Hip hop
  • Drill team
  • Pom
  • Tap
  • Contemporary
  • Lyrical
  • Color guard
  • Difficulty
  • Timing
  • Showmanship and more!

✔️ Exactly which exercise are needed to master the skills you want most

☺️ If You Want to Feel:

✔️ Proud and know judges can see all of your hard work!

✔️ You're improving each week

✔️Like you're keeping up with your peers

✔️Like the best version of yourself

✔️Excited about all the skills you can master!

You’re in the right place!

THE SCORE SHEET SOLUTION will give you the tools, workouts, and support on your journey to unlocking your strength and increasing your scores.

And I’ll prove it! (Keep scrolling, my friend.)

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The Score Sheet Solution

compiles score sheet data from dozens of organizations

To bring you the most comprehensive representation of score sheets from around the world .
With expert judge interviews and hand crafted workouts you'll have all the tools to increase scores in:
✔️ Execution of skills
✔️ Technique
✔️ Execution of style
✔️ Difficulty of skills
✔️ Complexity of movement
✔️ Synchronization
✔️ Timing
✔️ Showmanship and overall appeal

Kelly Swanson

Minnesota dancer, All Conference award winner and Judges Association of Minnesota (JAM) Dance Teams Judge and President.
(Dance Team)

Ian Howe

Owner + Artistic Director of Pacific West Performing Arts,

Ian has choreographed numerous musicals, he works with Headliners Dance Competition,

Platinum National Dance Competition & FLY Dance Competition as both Judge & Emcee. Ian is

also on teaching staff with Rise: The Dance Convention on the East Coast this year. He's worked

with artists Lauren Edson & Eva Stone


Deanna Tetner

Choreographer for college, high school, and all-star teams that have won multiple state and national championships and ranked in the top 10 at the Dance Worlds. Deanna has 28 years of adjudicating experience on the state, regional, and national level and is the Judging Credential Development Manager for the National Dance Coaches Association (NDCA). Ms. Tetner has been asked to share her experiences, knowledge, and love for the development of dancers by speaking and instructing at local conventions. Deanna has coached on the all-star and high school levels leading teams to State and National titles.
(Dance Team and Studio)

Rob Jensen

Mr. Jensen is an accomplished and in demand adjudicator, judging competitions across Canada annually, has danced professionally in many industrial shows nationally, has worked professionally with Patti Labelle, Rita McNeil, the Bare Naked Ladies, Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon. He has appeared in several movies, commercials and T.V. specials. Mr. Jensen has been the choreographer for Genentech/Roche Pharmaceuticals Annual General Meeting; working with the senior executives and marketing department directors to help produce their opening awards ceremonies in Las Vegas, Nevada.Mr. Jensen is also a the host of the very popular podcast Dance Comp Chat Podcast.


Choose a Pricing Option


I’ve got you covered.

Do I need to be a competitive dancer to buy this?

  • Not at all! Just a dancer who wants to improve their skills and get better each year.

What level dancer is this for?

  • Any level! All workouts come with modifications to make them easier or harder.

I'm a coach, can I purchase this for my team?

  • Yes! We compiled information from score sheets for studio, highschool, university and all star teams, PLUS our chapters have helpful modules for you like timing and synchronization. Email [email protected] and I'll create an invoice you can submit to your school or booster club if needed.

How long do I have access to the material?

  • Forever! Which means you can use these training plans repeatedly. Videos never expire.

What equipment is needed for the exercises?

  • None! Exercises can become more advanced by adding an athletic band but no equipment or weight room is necessary.

How long are the workouts?

  • Each workout is designed to only be 15 - 20 minutes long so you can commit to training even during your busy competition season.

Do I need to follow the weeks in order?

  • No! Each week is designed to build off the previous week but you can bounce around, repeat weeks or choose the ones that work best for your team goals.

What styles of dance do you focus on in this course?

  • We cover jazz, pom, kick, tap, hip hip, lyrical, contemporary, drill team & color guard

What If I'm not from the United States?

  • Not to worry! You weren't forgotten - we have researched and collected international score sheets too, plus a clean turn looks the same everywhere right?

What if I don't have any fitness experience?

  • That's fine! You don't need it. With detailed exercise instructions and videos PLUS access to me as part of your membership you can feel confident you're training safely and effectively.

Still have questions? I'd love to hear from you! 

[email protected]

BTW! Hi I'm Katie Groven!

World champion dancer, personal trainer and the creator of


Welcome! I created this program because I spend half of every year traveling around the midwest (and now over zoom) teaching bootcamps and fitness classes to studios and high school teams. My speciality is training dancers to optimize their skills using strength training.

My teaching philosophy centers around 

  1. Mind body connection
  2. Breaking down each skill or style of dance into pieces and training their body for each piece of the puzzle.
  3. Empowerment around training like an athlete

I teach in a way that helps dancers understand how to engage each muscle, what skill that muscle is for and finally putting it all together to create a blueprint for their body and cheat sheet for them to understand:

"If I want to turn better or jump higher I need to strengthen muscles A,B,C and I need to use them in this order"

The SCORE SHEET SOLUTION takes this signature training system and breaks it down into a step by step, follow along system that YOU can bring to practices as the teacher or do at home at the dancer.

Using this exact system, I've helped numerous teams in Minnesota place in the top 3 or top 5 at their conference and state championships - and now you can too!

My goal for you, is to make this season your strongest yet so you can start competing stronger, winning more and feeling accomplished each time you take the floor.

Thank you for being here, please enjoy!

  • Katie